Case studies

Classified by module, the case studies enable candidates to acquire and enhance the technical and enabling competencies required to become a CPA, as defined in the CPA Competency Map, which forms the basis for the development of the Common Final Examination (CFE).

Candidates can practice responding to business simulations and learn how to develop well-structured solutions within the allotted time.

The situations simulate real-life assignments and projects that newly certified CPAs may encounter early in their career. Each situation presents the case study, teaching notes and evaluation guide. However, the teaching notes and evaluation guide are only available through educators, who are responsible for their distribution based on conditions specific to each university.

Search for case studies by module, competency or publication date. To refine your search, use the site’s search tool.

Attention : You must do the case studies mentioned by your teachers during your professional education program. It is not recommended to do all the case studies present in this site without having received the information from your teachers beforehand.

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Summary table Teachers only2018-02
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